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Welcome to World Wide Ministries!

It is a pleasure to introduce you to our ministry.  Are you ready to experience God’s life changing power?  This is what we are all about:  No Walls and No Boundaries!  You will discover our desire to provide an environment where people can come and experience the abundant and victorious life through Jesus Christ. 

At World Wide Ministries, we are serious about transforming lives through the Word of God.  It is our goal to build a foundation in people worldwide that causes them to excel in the anointing of God.  We are about Real People with Real Faith that produces Real Miracles in all the Nations.  Supernatural healings, family’s reunited, overwhelming joy, and debt freedom are just a few things we encounter all the time. We strongly desire to see everyone completely free of all bondage from the enemy, and when the people of God come together in one place in one accord, the Glory of God is revealed.

There are many exciting opportunities for people to get involved in spreading the Gospel to the World.  Together,  we will change the world!  Thank you for visiting this website.

Bishop Jimmy Davidson